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Authority from GodAUTHORITY FROM GOD, a 208-page book, will enable you to RECOGNIZE AND REPEL SATAN FROM EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!

You can live free from the shroud of deception Satan has placed over many people's eyes. You can recognize what is from God and what is from Satan. You can overcome the bad things Satan tries to bring into your life. You can stop the devil from controlling your affairs. Discover the source of authority over Satan. Forces of darkness operating in the world are exposed in this book.

You will learn HOW TO:

  • Identify demons and their operational tactics
  • Exercise authority over unseen, evil forces
  • Live free from the effects of sin
  • Stop the devil’s work in your family
  • Activate God’s power in your life


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This book is about how to cooperate with God to see changes happen in your life.

God wants to help us with these changes, but many times He is waiting on us to do our part. We don’t see God manifest Himself because we haven’t learned how to cooperate with Him.

  • Your life can be more fun and exciting when you learn to cooperate with God.
  • You can save a lot of time when you understand how to cooperate with God.
  • You can eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety when you learn to cooperate with God.
  • Your life can take on a new depth when you follow the steps necessary to cooperate with God.

This book is designed to reach all those people who are wondering why God isn’t working in their lives. You will learn the specific practical and spiritual actions to take which will open the door for God’s enabling power to be demonstrated.



$97 includes S&H*
paypalThis unique DVD series consists of six classes. Each of the six classes is taught in segments. The teaching is designed to allow the participants to “pause” the DVD and discuss each segment of teaching. This creates an atmosphere highly conducive to learning. The Facilitator Workbook contains suggested discussion questions as well as all the answers to the fill-in-the-blank statements in the Student Workbook. This DVD class is ideal for New Believer Classes, Home Bible studies, Midweek classes, Sunday school classes, prison outreaches, etc.

Every structure needs a strong foundation. If the foundation is not built properly, problems will occur. Cracks show up in the floor and ceiling. Doors no longer close properly. Instability will continue to be the cause of trouble until the foundation is properly stabilized.

The same thing happens in our spiritual walk. The foundation truths of the Word of God must be strong and sure. A weak foundation will result in confusion and an inability to overcome the challenges of life that we all must face. Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with God many years, this class will help solidify your spiritual foundation.

1. The New Birth - Learn what Jesus meant when He said we had to be "born again" and why every person needs this experience with God. Learn what Jesus accomplished when He died on the cross, the changes that occur when a person is "born again" and how to be saved.

2. The Holy Spirit
- Learn how the Holy Spirit worked in the beginning of creation, in the life of Jesus and in the salvation experience. Learn how the Holy Spirit works in the life of a believer to teach, guide, reveal and empower for service.

3. The Word of God - Learn why God's word is eternal and unchanging and why we need to learn to think like God. Learn how God's word provides light to enable us to walk on the path God has for us. Learn why the Word of God must be a priority in our lives.

4. Prayer - Learn how to put yourself in position for God to hear and answer your prayers. Learn about prayers of request, praise and intercession. Learn the benefits of praying in the Spirit.

5. Healing - Learn the origin of sickness and how to know God's will concerning healing the sick. Learn how Jesus paid the price for healing when He died on the cross and how to receive healing both naturally and supernaturally.

6. Living By Faith - Learn what faith is and where it comes from. Learn how to increase your faith, how to use your faith and the benefits of living by faith.

*The Foundations Class Package price of $97 USD includes:
1. Six DVD classes
2. Five Student Workbooks that include all the Scripture references, fill-in-the-blank study helps and room for taking notes.
3. One Facilitator Workbook that includes answers to all the fill-in-the-blank statements and suggested discussion questions for each segment of each class.
4. Shipping and handling for standard book delivery.

Additional Student Workbooks are available for $80 for a packet of ten workbooks (includes shipping and handling).
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